Form Object
By completing this application, I agree to conduct myself on a professional level and be
financially responsible for any debts or expenses incurred by me. I also agree to abide by the
Code of Ethics, Rules & Regulations, and Notice to Competitors adopted by the Tour
Authority of the Golf Open Tour as well as any local rules and regulations of host clubs.
By signing this application, I assume all risks, attach no blame and indemnify the Golf Open
Tour, and all of its owners, agents, employees and the host golf clubs, from and against any
and all liability, loss and expense arising directly or indirectly from participation in any
events, whether or not such liability, loss or expense occurs by reason of damage to property
and injury to persons (including death resulting there from) and whether or not such
damage or injury occurs as a result of negligence of the Golf Open Tour, or the host club, its’
employees or agents or any other party or persons.
By signing this application, I agree to release any and all media coverage of play or practice
at the tournament sites to the Golf Open Tour.